Finally, The Cursed Forest is released, but there is a nuance. We finally crossed the finish line, and complete that long difficult way. All what is left now is to push the Big Green Button. So, what is stopping us from doing it now?! We consulted about the best release date and convinced to make… Read More

We could made in time a new update! We will not mention again about difficulties that we had during the passing year, and let’s talk about good news. Last year of our early access is finishing, we will hope that our game will deserve your expectations and bring you good impressions. We want to say… Read More

New Year is near. To celebrate this we made The Cursed Forest New Year discount, 35% off! At current moment we have almost completely finished third section (but there is still some small fixes needed) and considerably moved at section 4 development. Also we decided to increase final stage, that will increase our game, but… Read More

Good day, comrades. We are still working on the game and we plan to release second chapter of The Cursed Forest soon. When? As soon as all critical bugs will be fixed, code cleaned up and levels polished. Meantime, we want to thank our community, which helps us to improve our game. Especially we want… Read More

The day has finally come! We are ready to present the next part of our game. You are now able to download a beta version of the second section of The Cursed Forest. As this section of the game is still in development there will be some bugs and errors with it. We advise that… Read More

Good day! Remember our last Halloween surprise? Well this year we have another one in store for you! This Halloween week you can buy our early access game with a 25% discount. This will be perfect if you want to spend Halloween walking around a Cursed Forest without having to leave the comfort of your… Read More

Soon the game will be moved into a new version of CryEngine which will solve some of the problems that have appeared. Due to this the next patch will be available within two weeks, if you don’t hear from us in the meantime it’s because we’re very hard at work! Here is a list of… Read More

Thanks for all who help us find a bug in first day. Especially we want to say thanks to “Nokzen” who found some critical bugs and secrets. We assume this is the first day patch (from “very lazy” Russian game developer =) ). We will continue fix the game and make it better. * Fixes… Read More