Soon the game will be moved into a new version of CryEngine which will solve some of the problems that have appeared. Due to this the next patch will be available within two weeks, if you don’t hear from us in the meantime it’s because we’re very hard at work! Here is a list of issues that thanks to your feedback we have already been able to fix in the game:
+Fixed a bug with the achievement ‘Bla-bla-bla’.
+Fixed a bug wherein the game’s camera could enter inside of an object.
+Fixed a bug with graphical artefacts that sometimes appeared during the change of graphic configuration.
+Fixed the icon that denotes an item can be used from showing as a double image.
+Fixed problems with Geomcache objects after loading saved game data.
+Made it easier to click on the ‘Deer’ note.
+Changed a misprint in the initial greeting screen.
+Some different level overpatching.
+Fixed language reset

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