Good day, comrades. We are still working on the game and we plan to release second chapter of The Cursed Forest soon. When? As soon as all critical bugs will be fixed, code cleaned up and levels polished. Meantime, we want to thank our community, which helps us to improve our game. Especially we want to thank wolf, 0xDEFACED and Gemma.

Also we would like to thank youtubers: James ツ, PsiSyndicate, Princess, Kahuna Games, cute Junkiecakes and Mira, 수탉 TV, Jim Sterling, and other youtubers (maybe including You)!

Thank you all for your help and support. We will work hard to improve our game.

Also I will reveal a little secret that now we are working on the intro which will explain how the character appeared in the cursed forest. Stay tuned!

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