Finally, The Cursed Forest is released, but there is a nuance.

We finally crossed the finish line, and complete that long difficult way. All what is left now is to push the Big Green Button. So, what is stopping us from doing it now?!

We consulted about the best release date and convinced to make it closer to the end of February. But anyway, to anyone who want we giving possibility to play The Cursed Forest full version already now! It is available in the beta-branch!

In the fact release is today, all what is left to get from the early access is to push the Big Green Button 🙂

Game price will not change. Also, during the release we will have same discount same as during Lunar New year! So, don’t miss it!

While we waiting best moment to push that Big Green Button, we will do the next things:

  • Fixing troubles that players might have.
  • Improve some moments in the final section.
  • Improve optimization.
  • Improve epilogue video. We changed it right before the end of game development and this process took very long.
  • If you have account in the twitch or youtube and many viewers or blog with many viewers we can give you a support for your stream or game review. You can send your offers on our email:

    If you want to translate our game on your country language also please write on our email, we can discuss it here:

    We want to give a big gratitude to all the people that still with us during so long time. Your support very helped us to overcome so many difficulties, that was looking like endless. Thanks to the feedback game become way better than it could be. If there wouldn’t be early access and so warm support that allowed us to release this game, it would be maybe even impossible to do what we already done.

    Thank you very much!

    This is not goodbye, follow our news, because pretty soon we will push that release button!

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