The day has finally come! We are ready to present the next part of our game. You are now able to download a beta version of the second section of The Cursed Forest.

As this section of the game is still in development there will be some bugs and errors with it. We advise that unless you are interested in helping us test this version, that you wait to play it until a more stable version is released at the end of February. If you can’t wait to play then we would love to hear your feedback!

Feel free to leave any comments on our Steam forum or email us directly at:

0.2.0 beta changelog
*Beta version of Second Chapter.
*Cryengine has updated to 3.8.6.
*AMD crash and frame drop fix.
*Other fixes.

Until then check out some new screenshots of the game! A cosy cabin in the woods (the perfect place to spend Valentine ’s Day… right?) and a portrait of one of our characters (guess who!).

This is a list of issues we already know about, and are working to fix, in the new section of the game:
*New achievements are currently turned off.
*Some game events are turned off due to instability.
*A few environments and sounds are missing.
*Optimization is working on the reductive mode.

As soon as these problems are fixed they will be added to our new patch.
To celebrate the release of our second section, the game will once again be going on sale! If you have any friends or even Valentine’s that you think might enjoy The Cursed Forest be sure to let them know!

Everyone here at Team Noostyche wishes you a Happy Valentine’s day! Be sure to keep following our news feed to be kept up to date with any upcoming patches.

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