Good day! Remember our last Halloween surprise?
Well this year we have another one in store for you! This Halloween week you can buy our early access game with a 25% discount. This will be perfect if you want to spend Halloween walking around a Cursed Forest without having to leave the comfort of your own home!
As another present we have released a new patch! We’re sorry for the delay in releasing this but wanted to add as much into the update as possible by listening to your feedback and fixing the majority of bugs.

– Here is a list of the changes made:
– Layer optimization has been improved.
– The crouch icon is smaller.
– The player is now unable to run while crouching.
– The jump feature has been enhanced.
– The player will be able to choose which section of the game to play in the initial menu.
– The camera is now stationary during the pause menu.
– Pitch within the game’s ambient sound now transitions correctly.
– It is now easier to land on the cliff platform.
– Plus many other small changes and corrections which will enhance the first section of the game.
– We have also changed achievement icons.

As an extra Halloween bonus here are some screenshots from the upcoming second section of the game:

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