Well this 2018 year soon will be ended, same as The Cursed Forest development. No compromises.

Main part of our project is finally made:

  • All main events are released even the finals one.
  • Main level-design work is finished only small improvements are left to do.
  • Final credits is included : )
  • One of the important things that not finished yet is an ending video. We prepare already music and video for it, but still need to do a lot of work with frames. We hope we finish it on time.

    During this year we made a huge amount of job: 14 updates (doesn’t include small ones). In total work length equals time that needed for making 2 game sections.
    Of course, so big amount of job make us tired and prerelease time is quite stressing. But we gather all our power to finish the rest things of our project and make sure that it will not spoil final section impression.

    For now, we list the things that we made in the current update:

  • In the available part of the final section we added few small events.
  • Now birds shouldn’t flickering.
  • In the 4th section we added on the lake sound of the water flow, with it this part is now looking better.
  • We added in the previous sections small but special detail that should make the story deeper.
  • Rest of our job was all about finishing final section.

    We also want to remind that you can get The Cursed Forest free demo-version from the Steam or IndieDB: https://www.indiedb.com/games/the-cursed-forest/downloads/the-cursed-forest-remake-demo

    Probably we will release one more update before this year ends. We still planning to make a full release in 2019 January.
    Keep on touch!

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