Finally, we can present to you 5th section beta version! It’s included first half of the 5th section.

In the current moment 5th section will be available in the beta-branch, after checking and corrections we will put it in the main branch.

In the current version we didn’t saw any critical bugs but:

  • We didn’t do much work for the optimization yet.
  • Trail collision is not yet fully configurated, in some places it could be hard to go through so it will need to do little jumping for getting through there.
  • Maybe there can be some areas that allow player to go out from the game area borders.
  • Maybe some mistakes in the game-notes. If you found any please write us on the game forum in the Steam or our email: or
  • Other things should run smoothly.

    We still are deciding about release date and we considering to make it in the beginning of the 2019 year. Try make it as faster as possible and Christmas game sales is the things that can affect negatively our successful release.

    As an idea we considering about giving access to the final section to the players through email.
    Idea is simple: You send us email to our special email address and get instruction how to run newest game version with the final section in a reply. Other people will need to wait for the full release. Yes, we know that early access look like waiting simulator, but game is nearly finished. During this week’s we will decide about release date and how is better to give access to the final section earlier for players that bought the game and would like to see the final section as faster as possible. For now, we keep working to make the final product with a good quality.

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