Greetings! We bring to you our first update from this year… This release was very delayed because of many complexity but we finally made it!

This is the last update on the CRYENGINE 5.2 next one will be on CRYENGINE 5.3, that will help us to fix some old problems, that we couldn’t fix, for example game crush (that happened rarely) during the end of section 1.

If we talk about the main changing, we made a huge progress at the section 4 elaboration but it still not done on the 100%, that is why there is only part of the section 4 that will be available for the familiarization..


  • New notes are disabled.
  • Nearly all of the achievements are disabled.
  • Some part of the events is active but still some of them disabled or not done yet.
  • Sound accompaniment not finished yet.
  • You can’t enter the house yet, it will be able in the next update.
  • Environment elaboration is nearly done.
  • For previous sections we added experimental optimization that should help you with a short-time FPS decreasing. Also it is important to say that we use word “experimental” because of the reason that it can cause some problems, but that problems can’t make our game not playable. This update adds not so much new but our next update will be more important.

    We decided to extend final section that will make The Cursed Forest longer but in the same time full game release will be little delayed from the time that we planned before. We by ourselves want to make our game full released as soon as possible but in a same time we think that it will be better to take some extra time to make our game more enjoyable.

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