We wish you a happy Halloween! Since it is Halloween our team decided to prepare for you a nightmarish present! The third section of our game! “Why is it nightmarish?!” – You may ask. It’s because it is still a beta-version!

Unfortunately, we need more time to fix all of the problems (it is really very, very difficult!) and to finish some things that are not yet completed – then we can introduce to you to the full version of section three. But in the meantime our beta-version of the third section invokes the Halloween spirit – spooky bugs and glitches are hiding amongst the trees (like Sarah), and many different strange things are waiting for you. But if you are brave enough, you can write to us (at: feedback@thecursedforest.ru) all about the things that you discover and help us to defeat this evil!

And to make this present less scary, we’ve prepared a 40% discount of our game! This is the last discount of this size for the year, so it’s a chance not to be missed!

We’ve written a list of the things that are disabled, as well as errors and glitches that we’re already aware of, and also how you can repair some of them until we permanently purge these evils. You can find this list below.

* This is a Beta-test of transferring the game’s assets to CRYENGINE 5. There is a possibility of encountering bugs and incompatibility.
* Some textures may become “muddy”.
* Old save game files (from version 2.2d and earlier) will not work correctly. Begin a new game in the menu and choose the desired starting section (you can start from section 3 here).
* Section 3 game-notes are unavailable (currently being translated and corrected).
* Many section 3 events are disabled (in the process of being stabilized).
* Most of the new achievements are disabled during game stabilization.
* There is a possibility of incorrect reflections on the windows.
* There is a possibility of the game crashing after Section 1. To avoid this, load the last autosave and play from there.

And here you can find the list of all the things that we’re going to add in our next big update very soon, thus making a complete experience of the third section.

* To stabilize the game for the CRYENGINE 5.
* Add all of the Section 3 game-notes.
* Add all of the Section 3 achievements.
* Add all of the Section 3 game events.
* Section 3 sound effects to be improved.
* Optimization to be improved.
* Others game improvements to the previous sections.
* Small error corrections.

Happy Halloween and remember evil is always near (especially in the game beta-versions)!

Feedback can be given to us by emailing here:



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